Frequently Asked Questions



How early should our group arrive?

Please make sure that all members in your party arrive at least 10 minutes before you game begins, so that we can go over the rules, game play, and sign our legal waiver 

What ages is Mission: Escape designed for?

Mission: Escape is designed for adults.  Children are welcome, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.  We recommend ages 10 and up.

Is Mission: Escape scary or a haunted house?

No.  Mission: Escape is an upscale  attraction that is challenging and super fun.  Puzzles, riddles, locks, and clues, so bring your thinking cap. 

Are the games physically challenging?

No. While you will need to be able to reach things up high, bend over, and other basic physical things, nothing is strenuous or difficult. 

Can I bring outside food or beverages?

No outside food or beverage please. We can offer catering for private parties and corporate events. 

How long does each game take?

You must complete each mission in under 60 minutes.  

What should we wear?

Please wear something comfortable and will allow you to easily move around

How much does Mission: Escape cost?

Each game is $28 per person