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Sir Claude Juan Philipe - International Man of Thievery

     Claude Juan Philipe is believed to have been born in the 1870’s, and is almost assuredly born in Spain. His real name and parents are not known, but the earliest record of his existence is from an orphanage in which he escaped. After two weeks in the wilderness he wandered onto the property of a wealthy statesman, last name Philipe, and was discovered by his wife. She immediately fell in love with the boy; half due to the boys meager appearance, half due to the boys unending wit. The Count fell under his trance as well and they took the boy in as their own. Claude would never lack for anything his entire adolescence. He was reportedly taken aback by the lavish lifestyle he was thrust into. He traveled across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and rumor has it, Australia. He spent considerable time in England, specifically Oxford. The wit that won him the favor of the Philipe’s gained a world class education to match it. In his late teens Claude traveled to Rome, Paris, and Athens. His time was consumed with museums and ancient artifacts, and his adopted parents thought he might take to archeology or the life of an adventurer. Claude saw things differently, and with much difficulty he abandoned his pampered life and disappeared on July 11th, 1887. 

    It is assumed he used multiple alias’s. Most of them are unknown, but we can make educated guesses as to his whereabouts during his 20’s. An aging Duke in the Denmark told stories of a minstrel who hoodwinked him during a game of dice and made off with an undisclosed amount of gold, and rumor has it the Duke’s sister. This is the first of numerous tales all of which seem to involve a crafty and cunning prodigy. There was the educated Spanish banker that claimed Hernan Cortes had come back from the grave to scare him out of his mansion, only to return and find three Monet’s and two Picasso’s absent. There are no less than four dozen instances of victims returning home to discover items missing, and Sir Claude Juan is our lead suspect. Royalty in The Netherlands assume he stole their family crown. A king in Africa believes his soul and 500 pounds of gold were lifted by him. Most notoriously, a French politician who went mad asserted the thief stole his mind. That’s a half truth however. He first lost his wits when he realized his financial accounts were wiped clean. 

    One rumor that proved to be true is his title of Sir. A noble British officer was to be knighted by the Queen, but the night before was caught up in a drinking match. He lost. The man who won took his place at the royal ceremony and proudly accepted his title. Claude charmed the British family so deeply that several weeks later when it came to light he was an impostor they forbid his title be stripped. 

    Sir Claude Juan has been dormant for several years now. Investigators across the globe have surmised his death has occurred in some unknown part of the world. That was until the Sienna III White Diamond was stolen from the very family that bestowed upon him his knighthood. We believe the diamond is located on one of his properties. Can you find it and escape the Study?