Atlanta's premier escape game adventure. Now open and featuring The Study, a real life escape room set in the 1930's, with more escape games coming soon.


Mission: Escape Atlanta is a live action escape game. You and a group of friends, co-workers, or strangers are locked in a room and have 60 minutes to escape. The challenge of escaping will test your wits, patience and ability to work together as a team. Book a room today to see what all the buzz is about.


Host your next corporate outing at the top-rated Escape Game in the southeast; Mission Escape Atlanta. There is not a better corporate team-building experience in the city. Let us create a totally unique & memorable experience for you & your guests.


The Rooms

The Study


(1-10 People)

The world's most coveted jewel, "The Siena III", has been stolen from the British Royal Family.  You and your team of detectives have been selected to infiltrate the estate of billionaire playboy mastermind, Sir Claude Juan Philippe, to attempt to steal back the jewel.  You only have 60 minutes before Claude returns and you are caught. Good luck! 

The Hotel


*(4-9 People)

Monsieur Moe’s dream of becoming a baker was dashed when his father coerced him to work at the Grandjestic Atlantan. Upon his father’s passing, Moe inherited the hotel for himself, locked in as the de facto owner. In anger at being stuck with this hotel for all eternity, Moe decided to force his unsuspecting patrons to suffer in the same way he has. Starting off, your group will be split up amongst three hotel rooms and your ability to communicate will ultimately determine your fate. Will you be a forever guest, or escape the notorious Grandjestic Atlantan? *THIS EXPERIENCE REQUIRES A MINIMUM OF 4 GUESTS

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